We are a highly creative and innovative  company that has for  25 years,  oriented our work into Integral Engineering Services for Mining, Construction and Industry in general, in areas such as: Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering; Technical Inspection; Counterpart Engineering; Project Management; Underground and Open Pit Mining; Fire Protection or Safety  Engineering; Risks and Management. In the words of our CEO Manuel Viera: “We want our clients to knock only one door to find their solution, not many doors for assembling one”. The Broker Solution Model is conformed by the following services: Engineer Studies in all disciplines, Project Management and EPCM, Risk management, Outsourcing Services, Private Equity Investment, Training, Construction and Representations. High Creativity and Innovative management tools directed our services towards efficiency and effectiveness through the areas of Engineer, Industry, Energy and Construction. 22 years of experience gained by the company analyzing and developing projects in risky and uncertain scenarios, allows our clients to make the right decisions, within an emerging and globalized economy. Metaproject Ingeniería e Innovación (Engineer and Innovation) has developed more than 1000 successful projects, with an average of 50 projects a year- around 50,000 m/h – demonstrating its creativity, expertise and innovative engineering solutions. Great Companies are formed only by great human teams. 87% of our staff is formed by engineers in different specialties such as: mining, mechanical, electrical, metallurgical, structural, chemical, environmental, business, and safety. Through years Metaproject has conformed and developed a powerful and multidisciplinary team, enhanced by psychologist, journalists, accountants, designer and draftsmen. In order to be consistent to our Broker Solution Model we set our Holding Headquarters near Clients and the Finance and Business Center of our country, at Dr Carlos Charlin 1521, Providencia, Santiago Chile, and we count with subsidiaries in the cities of Calama and Rancagua near the most important Mininig Divisions of Codelco.  We have many offices, representatives and commercial partners around the globe, such as in Perú, Brazil, Canada, England, Poland, Spain, Germany and Finland, amongst others, so as to be close to our clients and their special needs.