Occupational Health Coordinator/Coordinador de Salud Ocupacional

  • First Quantum Minerals - Cobre Panama
  • Donoso, Colón, Panamá
  • 15/07/2021
Indefinido Salud

Descripción del trabajo

We are currently seeking an Occupational Health Coordinator to lead our OH team and will be responsible of the  medical surveillance programme from a MPSA perspective.


 As outlined under the headings that follow:

  • Management and support
  • Program development and implementation
  • Training and mentoring
  • Liaison and communication
  • Reporting
  • Assist with clinical services coverage

 Management and Support

 Manage the medical service provider who is contracted to support the medical surveillance programme

  1. Report on the occupational health and medical surveillance programme to management.
  2. Plan and manage campaigns specific to the occupational health and medical surveillance programme. This can include wellness efforts, support with fatigue management, etc.
  3. Support with approvals of fitness to work, workplace restrictions, return to work, compensation and incapacity management.
  4. Develop codes of practice to guide local occupational health and medical surveillance programme management.
  5. Support links with the clinical services and occupational health unit on sickness absence, workplace restrictions, chronic disease management etc.
  6. As required find, contract and develop systems with external service providers (e.g. laboratory, radiology etc.).

Programme development and implementation


  1. Support the development of the occupational health and medical surveillance programme.
  2. Support the reviews of occupational risk exposure profiles and/or man job specifications.
  3. Develop a medical monitoring matrix for the risk based medical surveillance programme and implement it. This will be based on risk assessments and data from the industrial hygiene department
  4. Work closely with the occupational hygiene department on exposure profiles and risk based medical surveillance and fitness to work criteria.
  5. Support the scheduling of medical surveillance with HR and the medical service provider.
  6. Support the development of standard operating procedures and work instructions, forms/checklists etc. for the functioning of the occupational health unit.
  7. Support the commissioning of the occupational unit and equipment.
  8. Support quality assurance processes in the occupational health unit including equipment checks, calibration and preventative maintenance schedules etc. Manage process and actions of the medical service provider.
  9. Ensure medical records management is appropriate with best practice.
  10. Ensure effective recording of activities in the occupational health unit. 

Training and mentoring

 Support on the job training for staff employed in the occupational health unit to include; i) general administration and medical records management; ii) scheduling and communication with departments; iii) process flows in the occupational health unit; iv) technical aspects of medical surveillance (vision screening, spirometry and audiometry; v) correct manner to complete forms; vi) decision making on fitness to work; vii) return to work or workplace capacity management; and viii) communication with workers and other internal/external stakeholders.

  1. Support of industrial hygiene staff and the interaction with the occupational health unit and risk based medical surveillance programme.
  2. Capacity building in the medical service provider.