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  • 08/03/2023

Descripción del trabajo

At First Quantum, we free the talent of our people by taking a very different approach which is underpinned by a very different, very definite culture – the “First Quantum Way”.


Working with us is not like working anywhere else, which is why we recruit people who will take a bolder, smarter approach to spot opportunities, solve problems and deliver results.


Our culture is all about encouraging you to think independently and to challenge convention to deliver the best result. That’s how we continue to achieve extraordinary things in extraordinary locations.


Job description:

General Role Purpose (brief description of this job)


Scaffolder is responsible for assembling, moving, and disassembling work platforms (scaffolding) for operation and maintenance needs throughout the company, under the guidance of the Scaffolding Supervisor or any other competent person in accordance with company policies, manufacturer's guidelines, and Osha standards.


Qualifications (required for job) & Knowledge & Experience


  • Technical education, vocational Technical Institute, successful completion of a relevant apprenticeship program is required.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Minimum 5 years in scaffolding erection.
  • Minimum 3 years in painting work.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong ability to work in a "team" environment.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Competent brush and roller application
  • Competent with abrasive blast equipment
  • Working at heights training /ticket
  • Confined space training /ticket
  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment
  • Knowledge and skill in the handling of technological tools and diagnostic instruments and the
  • diagnostic instruments and interpreting technical manuals.
  • Ability to assess and determine the appropriate materials and supplies for the correct assembly of scaffolding
  • Fluency in Spanish is required and proficiency in English highly regarded. A willingness to undertake language training desirable.


Core Specific Responsibilities & Expected Deliverables 


  • Operate within and observe all relevant and applicable laws of Panama.
  • Carry out formal workplace inspections on a routine basis.
  • Ensure work is undertaken in compliance with H&S (e.g. isolation, lock out and tag out), quality and environmental standards and procedures.
  • Execute daily corrective actions as directed.
  • Ensure housekeeping is executed in all designated work areas.
  • Provide input for the creation and implementing SOP’s.
  • Follow relevant SOPs for work conducted.
  • Perform general scaffolding work including, but not limited to:
    • Attach guardrails and safety nets
    • Deliver scaffolding equipment to the operators or maintainers at the work site and in accordance with their requirements.
    • and in accordance with their requirements.
    • Inspect all parts for wear and tear or damage before use, reporting and replacing damaged
    • use, reporting and replacing damaged equipment prior to commencing work.
    •  Place base plates on the ground at prescribed intervals to give firmness and stability to the scaffold.
    • stability to the scaffolding.
    • Erect scaffolding according to standards.
    • Dismantle, inspect and store scaffolds on completion of work.
  • Perform general painting maintenance tasks as indicated, including but not limited to
    • Preparing the surfaces to be worked on, remove all fixtures and fittings attached to the walls or surfaces to be worked on.
    • Use abrasive blasting equipment to effectively remove adhering compounds such as scale, sand, paint, grease, tar, rust, lime, and other hard-to-remove substances from metal surfaces or hard-to-remove objects.
    • Gather the coatings and paints needed to complete the planned application on the prepared surface.
    • Use the recommended elements for each application to apply the prepared coatings and paints to the surfaces (brush, spray gun, etc...).
  • Operate within and observe all relevant and applicable laws of Panama.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by Maintenance Foreman/ Supervisor.


Behavioural Traits / Personal Characteristics


  • Bolder: Flexible, versatile, and prepared to take on challenges as needed.
  • Smarter: always looks for efficiencies and better ways of doing things.
  • Driven: Sets high standards, is motivated and determined.
  • Together: communicates well with peers and understand others views.


Operational Requirements


Cobre Panama is a remote site. This exciting position is based on-site and will be focusing on driving and delivering operational accountability and ownership across various units at Cobre Panama site. Rosters and working hours may vary depending on business requirements.


Environmental Responsibilities


  • Comply with current environmental regulations in Panama
  • Comply with the commitments contained in the Environmental Impact Studies and other additional studies in this regard, which apply to your area and activities.
  • Comply with the provisions of the Minera Panama Environmental Management System.



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