Superintendent, Government Relations

  • First Quantum Minerals - Cobre Panama
  • 28/04/2023

Descripción del trabajo

At First Quantum, we free the talent of our people by taking a very different approach which is underpinned by a very different, very definite culture – the “First Quantum Way”.

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Job description:

General Role Purpose (brief description of this job)

To coordinate the work of the Cobre Panama teams engaging the government/authorities, such as to guarantee the coherence of the overall effort, ensuring that Cobre Panama extracts maximum political and reputational benefit.

Qualifications (required for job) & Knowledge & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Law and Political Sciences, Business Administration or related fields.
  • A minimum of 6 years of experience of engagement with external stakeholders in Panama – government, international bodies, NGOs, media, business associations.
  • Experience in development of strategy.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access and Internet applications.
  • Good communication skills across various levels of the organization.
  • Demonstrated aptitude for working in teams.
  • Ability to handle complexity and coordinate work involving a range of stakeholders.
  • Clear focus on outcomes, and ability to solve problems. 
  • Good research, analytical and report writing skills. 
  • Ideally, a knowledge of national and international regulations relating to Cobre Panama (example, our contract law and EIA commitments, and IFC, World Bank, UN, BID guidelines).
  • Proficient in both English and Spanish.

Core Specific Responsibilities & Expected Deliverables 

  • To help ensure effective engagement with stakeholders in pursuit of Cobre Panama’s objectives – through direct engagement with stakeholders or by adding value to work done by other teams.
  • To devise and implement an External Affairs plan for sustainable development/ESG. This will involve engagement with the relevant national and international bodies.  And to give shape and direction to the broader CP effort on sustainable development/ESG.  This with a view to positioning CP as a leading player in Panama on sustainable development/ESG.
  • In collaboration with other teams, to identify the outcomes they seek to achieve with the government/authorities; to participate in drawing up an External Affairs plan capturing those outcomes; and periodically to review the execution of that plan. 
  • Ensure that Cobre Panama extracts maximum political and reputational benefit from its ESG activities; and that our other work with government/authorities is conducted effectively. 

  • Assist with the development of an External Affairs Strategy for Cobre Panama, and in the implementation of that strategy, working closely with the different teams involved.
  • Creation of a stakeholder map and risk register as part of the strategy; reviewing the map and the risks periodically in order to maximize long-term relationship development.
  • Coordination of the External Affairs/Government Relations work of different teams, with a particular focus on projects/activities undertaken in the communities. Coordination of projects/donations through a committee including External Affairs, Community Affairs, Commercial, Legal and Permits, Environment and HR.
  • Devise and implement an External Affairs plan for sustainable development/ESG – with a particular focus on managing the relationships with international (UN, BID, World Bank, IFC, embassies), national (Sumarse/Global Pact, AEI, Camara de Desarollo Sostenible and other organizations) and government bodies responsible for sustainable development issues.  Helping to position CP as a lead company in Panama with regard to sustainable development.
  • Coordinate internally and externally on production of annual CP ESG report.
  • Managing relationships more broadly with national, provincial and municipal authorities.  Supporting different teams as required in their engagement with these authorities.
  • Engagement with national and regional business bodies as required.
  • Fluid dialogue with several members of Cobre Panama management team – on projects, donations, strategy and operational tasks.
  • Developing expertise on CP’s ESG activities in order that External Affairs can add further value to the handling of these issues; and to generate/spot opportunities, including communications opportunities, to develop CP’s reputation/image in the ESG area.  
  • Close engagement with Communications team on ESG issues. 
  • Effective coordination with corporate level on ESG/sustainable development issues. 
  • Representation of CP at meetings with stakeholders; participation in fora/events; preparation of material for use in meetings/forums.
  • Generating correspondence with range of External Affairs stakeholders.
  • Participation in visits to site and communities undertaken by government and international representatives, media figures and stakeholders with an interest in ESG/sustainable development issues.
  • Member of External Affairs management team along with Country Manager and heads of Government Relations and Communications teams. 

Behavioral Traits / Personal Characteristics

  • Outcomes focused.
  • Aptitude for working in teams.  Collaborative in approach.
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Adept at managing relationships – with external and internal stakeholders, irrespective of grade.
  • Able to handle complexity and detail, monitoring progress on projects/undertakings and taking corrective action as required.
  • Sets high standards. 
  • Healthy attitude to personal development.  Looking to be stretched. 
  • Resilient.
  • Ability to act on initiative – while knowing when to consult.
  • Good planning skills.
  • Highly professional in approach – in person and in writing.  Comfortable in a representational role

Operational Requirements

  • Job will be based in TDLA, but the person in the role will need to spend time each week on site and in the communities.
  • Knowledge/experience of project management is an advantage.
  • Holder of Panamanian driving licence.

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