Graduate, Business Intelligence

  • First Quantum Minerals - Cobre Panama
  • 18/10/2023

Descripción del trabajo

At First Quantum, we free the talent of our people by taking a very different approach which is underpinned by a very different, very definite culture – the “First Quantum Way”.

Working with us is not like working anywhere else, which is why we recruit people who will take a bolder, smarter approach to spot opportunities, solve problems and deliver results.

Our culture is all about encouraging you to think independently and to challenge convention to deliver the best result. That’s how we continue to achieve extraordinary things in extraordinary locations.

Job description:

General Role Purpose (brief description of this job)

To attend Cobre Panama BI Program and receive the technical training required for appointment to the classification of Data Analytics, Data Integrator or Data Governance consultant. Successful candidates will graduate to form part of the permanent BI Team following completion of the training program. (Est. 1 to 2 years)

Qualifications (required for job) & Knowledge & Experience

  • Active Listening with Service Orientation 
  • Critical Thinking with Judgment and Decision Making 
  • Active Learning with Learning Strategies
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Expertise with T-SQL or equivalent query language
  • Basic knowledge for Data Analytics with Power BI, Qlik or Tableau for Data Analytics
  • Data manipulation with SSIS for Data Integrator
  • Systems Engineer, Software developer, programming degree or related

Core Specific Responsibilities & Expected Deliverables 

  • Attends scheduled training sessions; learns proper data analytics techniques for different types of scenarios.
  • Receives training to develop an awareness of the overall BI Team functions, responsibilities of each role and how they relate analytics operations.
  • Learns how develop data integrations with internal and external sources.
  • Domain data governance strategy, workflow and guidelines
  • Under the supervision of the Data Analyst specialist or BI Leader, guide stakeholders consume data and implement storytelling strategies to develop reports
  • Under the supervision of the Data Integration specialist or BI Leader, develop, control and performs enhancements to integration infrastructure
  • Under the supervision of the Data Governance specialist or BI Leader, guide stakeholders how implement data governance initiatives with Informatica tools.
  • Collaborate with other team members to s BI infrastructure.

Behavioural Traits / Personal Characteristics

  • Bolder: Flexible, versatile, and prepared to take on challenges as needed.
  • Smarter: always looks for efficiencies and better ways of doing things.
  • Driven: Sets high standards, is motivated and determined.
  • Together: communicates well with peers and understand others views.

Operational Requirements

This position can be assumed on-site or from Cobre Panamá offices with proper computer. Rosters and working hours may vary depending on business requirements.

Environmental Responsibilities

  • Comply with current environmental regulations in Panama
  • Comply with the commitments contained in the Environmental Impact Studies and other additional studies in this regard, which apply to your area and activities.
  • Comply with the provisions of the Minera Panama Environmental Management System.

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